November Term

With the coming of November, the last quarter of the year is fully underway. Through November, I will be working through professional development course texts, as part of my own personal development at home. Having recently bought a new dslr camera, I am eager to move into working with it in conjunction with the training.

Additionally, for around two years, I have taken a number of sector-based qualifications; in recording and accrediting formal business-related skills. I am currently working through the last two assessments of the final qualification in this cycle. I am looking forward to having completed the final assessment in December.

See below for achieved work through October:

Project Studio

Have begun new professional coursework; Official Adobe Photoshop Materials 2017. Canon digital studio software installed; synced with dslr camera.


Test-Installation of Roland Rubix 44 interface unit. Reconfigured audio software settings. Exercised the compression and limiting functions, while recording takes. The tasks were completed without issue.


In continuation of working towards completing an NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Team-Leading, I have completed and passed assignments four of seven.


In continuation of working towards completing an NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Team-Leading, I have completed and passed assignments three of seven.

Autumn Falls

The closing of conference season marks the natural beginning of Q4 2017.

Through October, I will be working through professional development activity. Included will be the study of business processes while also carrying forward accredited studies. I will update further to advancement through these activities. Key milestones reached and achieved through September are summarised below:


Business Research; sourcing data from media sources and via announcements at the annual political party conferences. This, in being fluent with the current position of the political landscape; and also with the latest economic projections.

Project Studio

Installation of Yamaha MG10XU ad/da interfacing console. Upgraded digital audio sequencer to the latest version; Propellerhead Reason 9.5.2. Reconfigured internal mixer and devices in conjunction with updating master processing settings.

Outputted single audio frames from computer sequencer and inputted signal through external valve pre-amplification circuit. Simultaneous record of return audio signal, such as drum track arrangements. This, in trialling analog signal-colouring methodology within a digital interfacing context.

Live recording trials with use of Zoom H5 Condenser Microphone Recorder; instrumental and incidental recording exercises carried out using acoustic percussion sets. Exercised Yamaha compressors and equalizers in measuring signal colouring capacity, while through-putting live vocal recording.

Closed-cup mixing with use of Yamaha Reference Headphones. Mixdown trials using archival piece-work material. This, in translating resource specification, to compare with target parameters.


Completed recognised Prince2 and Agile training programmes. Online access to official induction materials, with tuition via digital presentation. Vitae credentials updated.


Enrolled for tutor-mentored online training. This, in working towards completing an NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Team-Leading; part of the Recognised Qualifications Framework. Assignment one and two of seven completed and passed.

Summer Respite

July marked the arrival of part two of the year, in which I took the opportunity to remove myself from my home environment and into a short period of respite. Although I have been taking the time to enjoy the pleasant weather outside, I have also been using this period to catch up with college assessments, while also refreshing my memory with music theory studies.

In follow of this break, my immediate attention will be on affairs of a personal nature. Specific to requirement within my life, I am exploring the options available to me in implementing tailored professional support mechanisms, spanning the entire scope of my personal and professional life. Following implementation of such mechanisms, I aim to move into a period of personal recuperation.

While taking time to getting comfortable within my life for the medium term, I also hope to be utilising the period in getting familiar with my project studio. I want to sort through, organise and bring forward a decade of bits and pieces in my Levity portfolio. Concurrent to this, I keenly anticipate the use of my Zoom H5 digital audio recorder in sampling organic instruments I own. This, in the building of my own professional high quality accompanying percussion audio banks for use in audio composition production.

In regard to the timetabling of my plans and activities, fluidity is always keyed in, taking into account the evolving political-economic backdrop I am navigating. Thus, I shall keep you informed as to the progress of moving toward these long projected engagements. As it stands, I hope to move into such activity between Q4 2017 and Q1 2018, though as stated, this could change, pending further data through the duration of the  current quarter.


Leaps & Bounds

Boundaries can be thought of as personal rules governing what we will and will not accept from other persons in any given moment. Particular to the individual, they are tailored by themselves, though are often reinforced in social support networks, when the need to do so arises.

The limits set by boundaries are designed to protect the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual self from harm. For instance; psychological abuse and manipulation will almost certainly lead to mental distress and have a negative impact on a person’s emotional stability. Beyond these scenarios, such individuals may find it difficult to trust other people, withdrawing from mainstream society or seemingly uncomfortable in the company of others.

Although each person’s boundaries are likely to be somewhat unique, principally, they are protected by law. The most poignant example of this being the case would be in a scenario whereby an individual declines advances of a sexual nature from another individual, while their opposite refuses to acknowledge their limits and goes on to forcibly insist. This, being a primary example of the physical and emotional self being violated; essentially the committing of a serious crime against the individual.

Boundaries are also applicable to working environments. While individuals are required to sign an employment contract when taking up a working role, they are by no means under any legal obligation to carry out duties that they are uncomfortable with. In the most simple of scenarios, this may be apprehension with particular aspects of their role. Support and mediation may help to alleviate the individual’s concerns, but ultimately if the person refuses to carry out duties stated within their employment contract, disciplinary action may ensue.

Disciplinary action can range from the docking of wages to suspension, through to demotion; and in more extreme examples, termination of the employment contract. This being said, these are choices the individual is free to make. With some exceptions, all of us have these options available to us throughout our working lives.

In entering work-based environments, we all do expect, somewhat unconsciously, that our personal boundaries will be respected. Most of us will have at least a rudimentary awareness of our base human rights. For example, if somebody were to hold us against our will, we would intuitively know that this act would violate our human rights; our personal liberty. In law, this would constitute false imprisonment.

Clearly defined boundaries are at the root of all long-lasting relationships in life. I suspect all whom read this article know this to be true, for when somebody within our own life sphere is pushy, abrupt and refuses to take no for an answer in any given scenario, our relationship with them can become increasingly strained over time; or terminated altogether.

Boundaries go where we go. They are with us in the home, on the street, and within working environments. They are present when we go shopping, when we go to the cinema, or when we go for a dance at a nightclub. Boundaries ensure and reinforce a person’s sense of freedom and autonomy in their choices. They also aid in sustaining emotional and psychological well-being.

People may find it difficult to erect proper boundaries. Early on in life, many of us may have been over-relaxed with what we are willing to accept from others. This, in avoiding a potentially confrontational scenario arising. However, over time, and as we grow, it becomes clear to us that boundaries are a vital component of living a more balanced and peaceful life. Any short term negative response in the erecting of them, and the reinforcing of them when required, is far outweighed by negating potential long term negative and damaging scenarios from taking hold within our lives.

Essentially, boundaries are good for our physical and mental health. In my personal and professional opinion, our progress and happiness in life is limited without them.


Masculinity, the Art

The modern world is filled with stereotypes of what it is to be a man. For me, to be the best man you can be, is to be yourself. It is to be at one with your inner spirit and while our experiences are part of the sum of the whole, we should not be defined by expectation borne from these experiences. To make use of the box of tools gifted to us in living, is to be confident of our own ability in solving life’s puzzle for ourselves, so as to live content of our capacity to master our own lives. We don’t need a lot, we just need it “right”. Men build things, and long may men continue to.

Be yourself.


Important Things

Complex Post-Traumatic. General Anxiety Disorder. Stress Disorder. Major Depression Disorder. Panic Disorder. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Social Anxiety Disorder. These are just some of the labels which are applicable to me, yet I still have further symptoms which I cannot place within the diagnosis criteria of these ‘disorders’. I embrace my mental health conditions, they are the evidence of my victories, my battle scars. Yet, somewhere in the darkness, my identity, my light, is lost.

I am rarely referred to as Levity anymore, yet the majority of people whom know me, are likely to know me as Levity. I am accustomed to hearing myself referred to as Keegan by my oldest and dearest friends. Yet it is a rare occurrence to hear myself referred to as Keegan these days. I am so busy, I rarely can bask in the esteem my closest hold me in.

I am most commonly known for energetic creativity and a happy go lucky approach to life. It used to be said, I light up any room which I walk in to. These days, I feel as though I bring in the cold, and everybody present can feel it. When did my identifiers become disorders? The little things are the important things.


Winter Wrap

Avid readers will be aware that my life has been, and remains, occupied with predefined projects which implement structure to meet with personal and professional requirements. I have made steady progress with these projects throughout 2016, but I am particularly happy to be able to state that my personal office suite now sits within set specification. Of course, as it comes to my use, there will be additional running upgrades which will progressively improve working efficiency.

Following the Christmas break, I will be finalising some portfolio documentation, which is specific to recent project activity. Professional, capital-based, project work will continue for me throughout 2017. However, the intensity of this activity will reduce in proportion to the on-going achievement of set objectives. In time, this will allow for a greater emphasis on activity which utilises the aforementioned resource. With the projected decrease of work within internal projects, I begin to focus attention on work which will structure my personal life to meet with medium-term professional objectives.


Autumn Springs

The end of summer is somewhat a hard moment to pinpoint within the calendar. In the United Kingdom of course, the official last day of summer is marked as the last Sunday of October. In reality, the end of summer is much harder to define. Temperatures can still remain mild throughout September and October; and more spring-like than Autumnal.

It has been a year of changing seasons, yet I myself have not been able to clearly identify one season from the next. My life has been in the form of a continuing and perpetual task-master timetable for several years. With many external influences repelled, such as the coarse socio-political climate in recent months, it has sometimes been hard to gauge where my life sits in the present tense. I am of course aware of what may be perceived as a multitude of changes when in view of my life, but for me, I remain in the same disciplined mind-set which saw me dedicate my life full-time to personal life-shaping activities.

Within my mind, I sit unmoved and deliberate on a journey in providing for myself a designed life template. Drawing from my relatively short life-span experiences, both lows and highs, I had shaped the definition of a template before I embarked on such disciplined tasks. Throughout my years, my self-awareness of environmental conditioning and limitation grew and subsequently I knew that the activities I enjoy were to be only part of my future; my life must also allow for the freedom and space in an appropriate setting for me to enjoy those activities.

Essentially, the application of wisdom was visionary; to provide the equilibrium, by all measures that I could identify, in providing a lifestyle which I could be confident would ensure my freedom, happiness, health, chosen activities and achievements. There would of course be many measures, and too complex for even myself to list. For example, aside from my own immediate and lifelong needs, I will have also considered the appropriate foundations for a positive family life in my future.

With my mind-set being fixed since 2008, while evolutionary stages continue to be actualised in my life portfolio, I begin to see in manifest a many measure of that which I had set out to accomplish for myself. I had not allowed myself to deviate into these evolutionary stages, for these are not my intended destinations. Diversion from my course had always been a pre-cursor for extending my journey; a journey I committed to with an awareness of immediate requirement. But it is now, I see the end of this journey on the horizon after eight long years since my personal committal to such manifested within me in the September of 2008; several weeks after a huge onset of post-traumatic stress.

As ever, the months ahead will continue to be some of the busiest in my life, and certainly when they come to a close, my work will not be done; my life will gradually phase out of the building of a template, and into the utilisation of the resources I have provided for myself, complete with the portfolio options I have generated in the building of my long-term future. As such, forms will change, and I wish well those whom have witnessed aspects of this journey so far. Autumn springs.


Progress Update

A number of professional activities I am engaged with in life are keeping me very busy these days. In the last twelve months, I have been working through several courses, have relocated my life, and have also been working through professional tasks in organisation of my life. Although I will be very busy for the foreseeable, you can keep updated on my activities by following this website; I try to write for it every few weeks so as to keep family, friends and supporters in the loop. Feel free to have a look around and read about what I have been doing for the last year.


Psychiatry, the Art

The past year has been a tale of two stories. On the one hand, my life itself has been a positive affair. I had made choices some years back to move my life into a territory which I had felt best fitting for my future. In that light, from approximately 2013, I went on to study and begin the stages of building towards such a life. Having completed a number of certificates, I am well positioned in moving forward with this future. However, in recent months, there have been a number of conflicts about these choices, from those whom were not included in them. I had made the best choices for myself, and had not expected there to be any negative connotations of choosing a positive route and working on my own plans for my own future.

With this in mind, I have had a number of physical and mental health concerns which have plagued me throughout these conflicts. Most recently, I had been re-prescribed Sertraline, which is commonly prescribed for anxiety disorders such as PTSD and also depression. Within a week of the prescription, I had begun to administer larger and larger doses, in seeking to remedy continual trigger-responses, caused by what I consider toxic stimuli external of my actual life. Indeed, most of this centres around my activities online and I believe my choice to remain independent and stick with my own plans as I had foreseen them before these conflicts had arisen. I had felt the stimuli to be so toxic, that I began to try to numb my feelings and suppress trigger-responses to them, in attempt to regain more functionality with my life’s activities.

Unfortunately, in continuing in this manner, my body rejected the higher doses of late and I accidentally overdosed beyond the recommendations of my doctor. Although I had cleared the medication from my system in the early hours of Tuesday 14th June, following a support call later in the day, I was advised to attend hospital for a check-up. Upon attending, blood tests and an ECG scan of my heart were conducted. Overall the testing found that I was in safe territory. I was advised further in how to safely administer my medication, and the potential pitfalls of changing dosage in the manner I had done so.

Following on from these tests, I was moved to a day care unit within the hospital to await a psychiatric assessment of my mental state. Although I had briefly met a psychiatrist in the last year for the purpose of attaining advice on which prescription would be better suited for my condition, this would be the first time I had been assessed formally by an NHS Psychiatrist throughout my years of dealing with my mental health.

When the Psychiatrist was free to see me, we entered a private consultation room and after some standard form-filling exercises, he began asking me a series of questions in relation to my emotional state. As the questions progressed, the climate of the room changed and I felt free to articulate my personal feelings in ways I had thus far been unable to manage in my life. I was free, and able to express my most inner secrets and thoughts, in which to my surprise, he understood from a lived-experience type position.

As we continued with our discussion, he changed his approach into that which seemed more like an equal friend. In doing so, he informed me that we were actually engaging in an in-depth therapy session; something which he said he ‘had not done for a long time’. He continued by way of reinforcing my strengths, noting my ability to build a rapport easily with others, and stated that engagement in this way lead him to believe that therapy would be of great benefit to me. His approach in using analogy, as I do in expressing myself, helped us both in understanding one another on a common ground.

We tackled varying experiences I have lived through in my life, and he told me that for every negative experience I had been through, there was always a positive to take from each scenario, despite the obvious trauma of the negative experience. I was in agreement on this point, in that, negative experiences had lead me to make decisions which were rooted in positive action. For example, in choosing to rekindle a long dormant passion for education, I had begun to create opportunities to move my life on from social and environmental circumstances which had often given rise to conflict.

I am still digesting the substance of our conversation; I have taken so much from it. My feeling is that finally I, and the issues I have dealt with in my life, could be understand from a logical perspective in a professional capacity. I have been reassured that my choices in recent years to build a life for myself based on my health, needs and aspirations are logical sound decisions with integrity at their heart. In checking my logic and cognition with such a decorated professional, I feel as though I had found a wisdom which mirrored my own in ways that are continuing to bring renewed light to my personal outlook.